Horses and tack are all provided. Riders are responsible for lesson clothes, show clothes, boots, and an approved helmet or hat. Please talk to us if you are unsure about what to get.





$40 ($60 for both HS & W)

Paid to IHSA 

Club Dues


Paid to CUET


Hotel Rooms


Per Night, 6 nights maximum for regular show season

Class Fees


2 classes max per show, 8 shows max per year

Team Gear



$40 - 65

Polo Shirt

$15 - 20

Lesson Fees

C Riders who compete in 1 division will take 1 lesson and 1 homework ride per week.

  • $600/semester
  • $150/month for 4 months

C Riders who compete in 2 divisions will take 2 lessons per week and have the option for a homework ride.

  • 2 Lessons Only = $840/semester or $210/month
  • 2 Lessons + 1 Homework Ride = $1,000/semester or $250/month

U Riders will take 1 lesson per week.

  • $420/semester
  • $105/month

* An option to pay at the time of your lessons and HW rides will be given, but paying by the semester or month does give students a discount. HW rides cost $15 per HW Ride and lessons cost $35 per lesson when paid individually.

*Monthly payments will be paid the 1st of the month.

(Sept. 1st, Oct. 1st, Nov. 1st, Dec. 1st)

Estimated Maximum Cost for Rider

            C Rider in 1 division = $1,605 /year

            C Rider in 2 divisions (no HW ride) = $2,205/year

            C Rider in 2 divisions (with HW ride) = $2,525/year

            U Rider in 1 division = $1,095/year

* Estimated Max costs above do not include riding attire and post-season costs.