Clemson University Barnes and Noble Bookstore

Book Signing Event Procedures

Book signing Requests:

  1. Must be requested at least one month in advance (unless with manager approval)
  2. Must be emailed to store manager for approval (
  3. Must have Title and ISBN for each requested Title
  4. Must have exact date, start time and end time of the event
  5. Any after event sales must be requested in advance for manager approval.
  6. Must have a breakdown of audience (students, faculty, local teachers and interested public, at least 75% non-students )

Please note that:

  1. Student only events are not accepted.
  2. Book sales are to be done 45 minutes before the event.
  3. We only bring in five (5) copies per Title (unless with manager approval).
  4. We only bring in books that can be returned back to publishers (unless with manager approval).
  5. We only take credit cards as form of payment (no cash).