We've Got the Goods

  • Video Production

    Whether your idea requires one editor, one camera or a full team we can plan your shoot down the tiniest detail. We can offer television-style coverage of live events on location with our mobile unit, video and audio engineering support in-studio or on location and even live footage to external media outlets. We can also partner with you to shoot and produce creative and promotional videos or informative and training videos to help you reach your target audience.

  • Audio Production

    Record your audio files in our studio then send them out, or bring in your pre-recorded work for editing.

  • Television

    From a multiple-camera, long-form videography, to a single-camera live shot, we can handle any project you have in mind. Our broadcast fiber via Level3 Vyvx for video and ISDN/IP for audio studio interconnectivity enables the seamless flow of audio and video to outside sources.

  • Editing & Effects

    We offer a number of editing suites where you are welcome to work alongside our editors or entrust the project to our professional editing staff. Clemson’s editing and effects team will work with you at any point in the process — we don’t have to shoot the video/audio to edit it.

  • Scripting

    Scripting your project is one of the most important things you can do. Our full-time writer will walk with you through this process. Our services are available to fully craft and storyboard your project based on your input or work alongside you for support as you are putting the content together yourself.

  • Motion Graphics

    Motion graphics can be as complicated as what you’d see on televised coverage of a sporting event or as simple as a name on a screen. Our motion graphics artist can design and produce it for you.