Fire and EMS

Campus Evacuation

Evacuation of the University Campus if necessary will generally fall into two categories:

  • Limited or partial evacuation in which a designated area and / or group of buildings may be evacuated for a specific time.
  • General evacuation in which the entire campus is evacuated for a prolonged period of time. 

It is very important that regardless of the type or duration of an evacuation that faculty, staff, students and visitors listen very carefully to official information and evacuation orders issued from the University Administration.

Faculty, Staff and Campus Visitors

In the event of an authorized evacuation, all faculty, staff, and campus visitors should leave campus and return to their home or other safe and appropriate intermediate destination unless told otherwise


On Campus Residents

In the event of an evacuation, all students who can provide their own transportation should leave the campus and return to their home, or other safe and appropriate intermediate destination, unless told otherwise. Students should remember to take medications and any other essential personal items that may be needed during the evacuation period.

Off Campus Residents

Students who cannot go home would report to Hendricks Student Center. Clemson Area Transit busses may be available to transport students who live off campus, and need transportation, to the Hendricks Student Center. From there, students would be taken to the T. Ed Garrison Arena, which will serve as a staging area. At the arena, students would either be provided transportation home or provided shelter in motels and/ or hotels outside the 10-mile emergency planning zone.

When You Leave the Campus

Since an evacuation could last from a few hours to several days, it is important to consider where you might stay and what things you might need.

When you leave the campus you should take the following items:

  • Two blankets or one sleeping bag
  • Two changes of clothing
  • Personal / important papers
  • Medication
  • Toilet articles

In additional, if you are going to a shelter for housing or assistance, you must bring your Clemson University identification card.

Arrangements should be made for pets or other animals, as most shelters do not allow them. When you leave, make sure appliances and faucets are turned off and doors and windows are locked.

See Emergency Notification Communication.