Fire and EMS

Building Evacuation

Emergency Action

  1. When the alarm sounds, leave the building immediately.
  2. Alert others to the emergency and ask if they will need help in evacuation.
  3. Do not use elevators unless instructed to do so by emergency personnel.

All building evacuations will occur when an alarm sounds and / or upon notification by emergency personnel.

If necessary or if directed to do so by a designated emergency official, activate the building fire evacuation alarm.

Be aware of people with disabilities in your area who might require assistance in an emergency evacuation. Be prepared to render assistance if necessary

Note: It is suggested that people with disabilities prepare for emergencies by learning the locations of exit corridors and enclosed stairwells and by informing co-workers, professors, and / or classmates of best methods of assistance during an emergency.

If you have a disability and are unable to evacuate:

Stay calm and take steps to protect yourself. If there is a working telephone, call 911 or (864) 656-2222 and tell the emergency dispatcher where you are or where you will be moving. If you must move, we recommend the following:

  1.  Move to an exterior enclosed stairwell.
  2.  Request persons exiting by way of the stairway to notify the Fire Department of your location.
  3.  As soon as practical, move into the stairway and await emergency personnel.

Do not use elevators during an emergency evacuation. Emergency personnel may use an elevator for evacuation after review of the circumstances.

When the building evacuation alarm is sounded or when told to leave by a designated emergency official, walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same.

Once outside, move clear of the building, allowing others to exit.

Do not return to an evacuated building until advised by emergency personnel.