Fire and EMS

Ice and Snow

Freezing Precipitation: When freezing precipitation is forecasted by the news media or other sources, the Incident Command Team (Clemson University Crisis Management Team) will play a leading role in both pre-planning and after-the-fact operations. During pre-planning, the Incident Commander will designate the necessary number of individuals to help monitor the conditions on various locations on campus. Individuals will be positioned in advance of the impending weather, at key locations, and report back to the Incident Commander as they see them. As conditions change and are reported to the Incident Commander, decisions regarding Clemson University can be made. Once the decision is made to modify the normal work schedule, notification will be made via most expedient communications services of changes (i.e., email, text services, Clemson University Website, telephonically and other means if necessary).

In the event of weather forecasts for Ice and Snow during normal work hours close coordination occurs between Clemson University Police Department, Clemson University Fire and EMS, Clemson University Facilities and Clemson University Emergency Preparedness to monitor weather conditions. Student body, staff and employee safety will be exercised to the highest level.

After-the-fact operations (i.e. sanding and scraping of Clemson University roads) will be managed through Clemson University Facilities. As roads are cleared, periodic updates will be given to the Incident Commander. Clemson University Emergency Preparedness Coordinator will maintain coordination with other concerned agencies such as the South Carolina's Emergency Management Division, Pickens County Extension Office Emergency Preparedness, South Carolina State Highway Department, etc.