Fire and EMS

Shelter In-Place

Emergency Action

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Stay inside a building.
  3. Seek inside shelter if outside.
  4. Seal off openings to your room if possible.
  5. Remain in place until you are told that it is safe to leave.

Shelter-In-Place simply means seeking immediate, temporary shelter inside a building, residence hall, or area. This course of action may need to be taken during an accidental release of toxic chemicals to the outside air or other emergency where the escape route may not be safely secured. The air quality or other factor may be threatened and sheltering in place keeps you inside an area offering more protection.

Sheltering in place may be advised for individuals or large groups depending on the situation.


Notification of the need to shelter in place may come through several ways:

  • Severe weather alert sirens
  • Emergency Alert System media broadcast
  • Direct observation or sense of dangerous situation
  • Directly from housing staff or other emergency personnel

Additional Actions

  • Close all doors and windows to the outside
  • Do not use elevators as they may pump air into or out of the building
  • If possible, close and / or seal vents and ducts
  • Do not go outside or attempt to drive unless you are specifically instructed to evacuate

Information Sources

  • Tune to the Emergency Alert System station on your radio or television for further information
  • Remain in place until appropriate University or emergency personnel tell you it is safe to leave.