Fire and EMS

Emergency Medical Ambulance Services

Licensed and regulated by SC DHEC Division of EMS the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services provides comprehensive Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance service to the campus of Clemson University. Service is also provided to the surrounding community through mutual aid when requested. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians provide 24 hour a day, year round response, assessment, treatment and transportation services. Staffing transport units and ALS first response fire apparatus Fire & EMS responds to more than 500 requests for assistance each year.

In addition to primary prehospital treatment and transportation, Clemson University Fire and Emergency Medical Services coordinates and provides special event venue medical coverage, limited special education services and participates in and supports State and Federal emergency response teams.

Knowing when to call an ambulance is often a difficult decision. The unique circumstances of providing service in a community where many people are temporarily away from their primary care physicians, and students away from the close decision making support of parents and guardians, allows us to provide ambulance service on a different level than typical ambulance services. We often respond to assess and advise a patient on a proper course of treatment whether making a referral to other medical services or providing transportation to an appropriate destination. Many people are embarrassed or afraid to call for assistance. Denial and reluctance to call for help may be a sign of a serious illness or situation. Disclosure of details or information regarding our response and resulting treatment / transport is guided by our policy on Protected Health Information.

When transportation to a medical facility is deemed necessary or requested by the patient, several local and regional facilities are available:

  • Redfern Health Center - Campus Infirmary
  • Oconee Memorial Hospital
  • Anderson Area Medical Center
  • Canon Memorial Hospital
  • Palmetto Baptist Medical Center
  • Greenville Memorial Medical Center
  • St. Francis Hospital

Several factors are used to determine the appropriate destination including:

  • Need for specialty (i.e. Trauma Center )
  • Status of patient
  • Patient request
  • Location of personal MD / Specialist
  • Other mitigating circumstances (i.e. special events, distance)

Fee for Service Ambulance Billing

Clemson University Fire and Emergency Medical Services charges a fee for service per an approved business plan and rate structure.