Fire and EMS

Emergency Response

Fire & Emergency Medical Services provides a full range of emergency response services in the pursuit of providing a safe and healthy campus.

Emergency Actions

What to do in case of an emergency.

Fire Response

One of only a few University campus fire departments in the United States, Fire and Emergency Medical Services currently maintains an ISO class 4 fire protection rating while responding to over 500 requests for service throughout campus and the City of Clemson

Emergency Medical Ambulance Services

Emergency Medical Services provides comprehensive Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance service to the campus of Clemson University. Service is also provided to the surrounding community through mutual aid when requested.

Special Rescue

Fire and Emergency Medical Services is the designated rescue agency for campus. All personnel are trained to the Awareness level for all applicable types of rescue.

Large Venue

As the assigned agency for Emergency Operations Center Management, Fire and Emergency Medical Services provides Special Event Venue Coordination for all major events on campus.