Fire and EMS

Mission and Goals

Mission / Vision Statement

Clemson University Fire & Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to protect life, property, and the environment through rapid efficient emergency response, proactive code enforcement, modern fire prevention methods, and progressive public education on fire and life safety issues

Mission Objectives

  • Protect and save lives
  • Protect and save property
  • Extinguish the fire and mitigate the situation
  • Serve and satisfy the customer

Programs & Services

  • Fire & EMS Emergency Response
  • Technical Rescue and Specialty Response Teams
  • Fire Prevention & Education
  • Response Staff Training
  • Occupancy Preplanning
  • Preconstruction & Renovation Plan Review
  • Campus Occupancy Fire & Life Inspection
  • University Off-Campus Occupancy Fire & Life Safety Inspection
  • Emergency Preparedness and Planning
  • Administration Support and Procurement
  • Employee and Systems Regulatory Compliance