Clemson University Police Department

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Clemson University advocates choices that promote a healthy lifestyle and is committed to having a campus that is free of the illegal and abusive use of drugs and alcohol.

University policy prohibits the use of alcohol on campus by anyone under the age of 21 as well as the illicit or unauthorized manufacture, use, possession or dispensation of alcohol or illegal drugs on University property or as part of any University activity. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for their actions at all times, regardless of sobriety or intoxication, and are expected to follow all University policies, local laws and ordinances, and all state and federal laws regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages and possession or use of drugs.

To promote healthy lifestyle decisions regarding the use of alcohol and drugs, Clemson has established and actively promotes a wide range of educational programs for faculty, staff and students. Clemson is an annual participant in Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week and similar special events that feature speakers and activities designed to encourage abstinence or responsible drinking.

The University offers a range of programs and services to help students, faculty and staff cope with alcohol and drug-related problems. Students may seek individual or group counseling services by contacting the Redfern Health Center’s Counseling and Psychological Services Office at 864-656-2451. Faculty and staff may contact the Employee Assistance Program at 864-656-3360 or 864-656-2726 for professional referral assistance for a number of personal problems, including substance abuse.

Students may refer to the Clemson University Student Handbook for more information regarding alcohol and drug policies on campus. Faculty and staff may refer to the Human Resources Policies and Procedures manual.

Enforcement of applicable drug and alcohol laws is the responsibility of the Clemson University Police Department.