Clemson University Police Department

About Tiger Transit

Tiger Transit drivers are members of the Student Patrol, a student organization affiliated with the Clemson University Police Department (CUPD). All members of the Student Patrol must pass a police security background check. In addition, supervisors of the Student Patrol interviews each new member. After this process is complete and references are checked, the new member begins a structured training program to prepare him or her for service.

Student patol Officers (SPOs) carry two-way, hand-held radios to maintain contact with the CUPD dispatchers.  Tiger Transit Vehicles have these radios installed as well.

As of August 2011 we have a new automated dispatch system designed to make the system much more efficient and more user friendly.  The more our riders become familiar with the system and the differrent ways it can be used the easier the system will work for them.

Tiger Transit is now a part of the m.clemson app.  This means  everyone with an internet enabled device including I-phones (free at the app. store), can easily access the ride request screen and get a ride with Tiger Transit.  In m.clemson we are part of the "Links" section.   Learn more about Mobile Clemson at

Work assignments for Student Patrol are flexible and, of course, involve working late hours. 

For information about joining the Student Patrol, please contact James Gowan at or Brad Rhodes at