Clemson University Police Department


Q. What does your vehicle look like?
A. It is a small bus or white passenger van with the Tiger Transit logo on it.

Q. Will you take me downtown?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot take any passengers to locations that are off the Clemson campus.

Q. I called you a little while ago for a ride and you haven't arrived.
A. Tiger Transit serves a large number of riders. We will get to your pick-up location as soon as we possibly can. Please make sure you are visible as the Tiger Transit vehicle approaches.   By tracking the driver assigned to you via the ride request system on any internet enabled device you can get a better idea of the progress of your ride request.

Q. I called you for a ride and saw your vehicle pass my pick-up location.
A. Sometimes the vehicle reaches capacity. We will return to your pick-up location as soon as possible. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this might cause.  It is also possible that the vehicle you saw was not assigned to pick up your call.  If you use the driver tracking feature of the ride request page you can know where your ride is as soon as it is assigned to a driver.

Q. You said you drove a Tiger Transit bus, so why did a police car pick me up?
A. In the event that our system is overloaded, a Clemson University Police Department police car will sometimes assist in providing this service.  You may also receive a message indicating that we are overloaded and requesting that you call back shortly. 

Q. On my trip I was the first person on the bus but was the fifth person dropped off.  That seems unfair, Why would that happen?

A. The buses are routed by a combination of the driver and the dispatcher trying to provide the most timely service for the most possible people.  The drop-offs are managed with that concept in mind.  If we operated by a first-on-first-off concept everyone's wait time would be negatively effected and the availability of the system in general would decline.