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Use of University Airplane or Private Air Charter Service

The Clemson University airplane is available for use by the University to provide a means of travel allowing designated officials and employees to maximize the productivity of their office by limiting non-productive travel time. This includes Athletic Department use as a means of providing on-demand air transportation for coaches’ recruiting. The Clemson University airplane will be used only for official University business. Use of the airplane for personal business by any passenger is not permitted, even with reimbursement to the University. Travel to the same destination by various employees will be coordinated by the pilot when possible. In the event the Clemson University airplane is not available, a non-university charter flight vendor will be contacted by Clemson University Flight Services.

Eligible passengers of the Clemson University airplane include:

  • All state employees.
  • Employees of Clemson University related Foundations and Corporations.
  • Invited guests and spouses who are travelling in connection with University functions and activities as approved by the University.*

* A written request to the President of Clemson University must include a description of the specific University business purpose being performed by the non-employee along with justification for using the University airplane.

Flight Requirements: All flights with passengers will have a pilot and co-pilot qualified for the plane. Flight decisions shall be the responsibility of the pilot in command and shall be based on pilot professional standards and flight safety standards.

Procedures: Flight reservations should be made by contacting James Allison ( or Jason Williams ( The following information should be provided in the flight request:

  • Destination.
  • Departure time or required time of arrival at destination, allowing the pilot in command to determine departure time.
  • All passenger names and University affiliation. Names become a permanent part of the flight records. Passengers are required to sign in prior to takeoff.
  • Purpose of the flight.
  • Time of return as either (1) time to be back in Clemson, in which case the pilot in command will determine time of departure, or (2) actual time user wishes to depart for Clemson.
  • Account information for billing or billing address for CU Foundation or CU corporation if university account information is not appropriate.
  • The departmental authorization must be received by Flight Services at least 24 hours prior to the date of departure. Flights cannot be executed without documented authorization.

Oversight Executive: Senior Associate Athletic Director/Chief Financial Officer of the Athletic Department

Effective Date: March 1, 2011