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Clemson's Philosophy

Clemson University is committed to maintaining an environment that is healthy, safe and attractive for all members of the community. Students who choose to use alcohol and other drugs assume a responsibility to comply with South Carolina laws and University policies, to make decisions that reduce their personal risks, and to consider the health and safety risks posed to others. The University provides education, programs, and policies to empower students to make responsible decisions relating to alcohol and other drug consumption. Students who choose to violate University policy related to alcohol and other drug use are subject to discipline as outlined in the student code of conduct. Where those actions also violate state and/or federal law, students are subject to legal consequences as well.

Our Strategy

In the spring 2014, Clemson University and the community developed the Alcohol and Other Drug 2020 Strategic Plan. Clemson University’s Alcohol and Other Drug Strategic Plan includes targets set for 10% improvement by 2020 as compared to 2010 national baseline, established as a composite of CORE data from 2009-2011, in the following measures: high-risk drinking and illegal drug use, consequences of alcohol and drug use, protective behaviors, strategic focus areas, prevention, intervention and treatment, environmental management and protective measures.

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