Campus Services


Aspire To Intervene

An active bystander speaks up or does something when an incident that is harmful or potentially harmful is witnessed.

If you witness an inappropriate event,

  • possible alcohol poisoning
  • someone who is a risk to self or others
  • name-calling
  • inappropriate joking
  • unwanted sexual advances
  • interpersonal and gender-based violence
  • possible hazing
  • rumors
  • property damages
  • physical violence

DON’T STAY QUIET ABOUT IT. Step up and do something!

If you see something, do something.  When a threat may be present, active bystanders should intervene if a person is in need of medical assistance, mental health counseling or any other form of assistance. It is important to intervene early before a situation escalates.  To keep a safe and healthy culture on campus, everyone must do their part to intervene as active bystanders.