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Sustainability Café

The purpose of the Sustainability Café is to develop and strengthen the network of people who are involved in sustainability research and/or advocacy and to build the social capital needed to address the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Faculty, staff, students and community members are encouraged to participate in these discussions so that we may all benefit from the rich, diverse knowledge base present in our campus community and to offer an opportunity for direct communication with members of the President's Commission on Sustainability.

The Café meets once a month during the fall and spring semesters and consists of a Pecha-Kucha presentation and is followed by discussion and refreshments. The Pecha-Kucha presentation format is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds, which was developed by an organization called Pecha-Kucha.  The format makes presentations concise and quick-paced.  Unlike Pecha-Kucha, which has no theme other than the format, our Café has a theme of sustainability.

Please check the Sustainability Calendar for upcoming dates and times.

LEAF Community:  Leading for our Environment And Future


To prepare our students to be leaders, innovators and responsible global citizens, Clemson University includes sustainability as an academic emphasis area. Accordingly, the LEAF community provides a residential experience based on the concept of sustainability. Participants, representing Clemson's diverse student body, will learn how principles of economic, social, and environmental sustainability apply in contexts ranging from personal lifestyle choices, to the structure of the built environment, to the operation of public and private institutions. Participants will also develop and practice skills to act as agents of change in the University and the broader community.  For more information, contact Gary Gaulin at

Sustainability Minor

The sustainability minor (CU 2010) is open to all majors and is designed to familiarize students with the core values of sustainability. If you are interested in minoring in sustainability, speak with your advisor or contact Jennifer Goree at For more information, visit

Sustainability Report Card 2014

Sustainablity Resources     

Visit Clemson's Sustainability website to learn more about sustainaiblity efforts and programs at the University.