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How do I get access to Cascade?
Contact the Responsible University Official (RUO) for your area to request access.  If your area does not have an assigned RUO, email us at

Are there online resources that teach how to use Cascade?
Yes, you can find online resources in our blog at

Do I have to use Cascade to create and maintain my site?
Creative Services does not require the use of Cascade; however, each college or unit may have its own policies and guidelines for websites. Contact your RUO before beginning any web project.

Is Section 508 really important?
Incredibly. Accessibility issues are regulated by the state, and as a public university, we MUST adhere to these regulations. Please review the section 508 page.

There is a photograph I want, but I don't see it in the image catalog. How can I get it?
Creative Services offers photography services. Call them at 864-656-3205 for assistance.

What is the easiest way to request help pertaining to web services?
Contact your RUO. If your area does not have an assigned RUO, email us at