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Web Guidelines

University Brand Guidelines (Print and Electronic)

This visual identity overview is just one tool to help you achieve our goal of communicating a uniformly accurate vision of Clemson University. Consistent messaging is equally important to building the Clemson brand. Additional guidelines available for the Alumni Association and Campaign Policies.

  • F66733 = Clemson Orange
  • 522D80 = Regalia
  • FFFFFF = Fort Hill
  • 000000 = Bengal Stripe
  • F9E498 = Anna's Lace
  • D4C99E = Hartwell Moon
  • B5C327 = Calhoun Fields
  • 3A4958 = Blue Ridge
  • 109dc0 = Gameday Sky
  • A25016 = Tillman Brick
  • 562E19 = Centennial Oak
  • 86898C = Innovation
  • 566127 = Bowman Field
  • 685C53 = Howard's Rock

University Editorial Style Guide

As a service to the University community, the Creative Services department has created the Clemson University Editorial Style Guide, a nonacademic, in-house reference source that includes entries related specifically to Clemson University publications and websites.

Communications Toolbox

Clemson User ID required. The brand portfolio, messages, logo inventory and templates offered in the Communications Toolbox were developed after in-depth research and testing with key constituents, including graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, prospective students and parents.

Web Guidelines Forum

The Clemson Web guidelines explained in the forum have been established to assist University webmasters in making informed decisions based on standards for optimal visitor experiences and Section 508 accessibility compliance. A compilation of best practices is being developed to assist webmasters in best reaching their target audiences. These practices reflect central themes that are important when preparing Clemson websites, including: clarity of purpose, access for all visitors, ease of use and consistent branding.

  • Legal Issues
    Creative Services is charged with oversight responsibilities in maintaining legal compliance for all Clemson University websites.
  • Style Sheet Reference Guide for Cascade Templates
    Information on the 2009 Branded template is provided here. This template is based on a 16 column grid. The left navigation is four columns, leaving 12 columns for the main content. Examples of code for tags included in the style sheet are available.

  • Video Standards and Guidelines
    If you are posting audio and/or video available to the public on the Clemson University domain, you must notify the Clemson University New Media Team Leader (Jacob Barker at When non-compliant videos/pages are identified by OWS or the New Media Team, they will contact the responsible department or individual to resolve the issue.
  • Feature Story Criteria
    The feature banner on Clemson University’s homepage and gateway pages provides the most prominent place to convey Clemson University’s priorities and vision.