Creative Services

Web Leadership Team Members

Creative Services will invite members to join the WLT based on their University responsibilities and expertise (both technical and non-technical). The ultimate purpose of this team is to foster open communication among University experts and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices. Those joining the team should be willing to freely share their individual expertise and to attend monthly team meetings.

Web Leadership Team

The below individuals have agreed to partner with Creative Services by serving on the Web Leadership Team. This team was formed to oversee Clemson University’s strategic planning for Web management and to help people produce high-impact sites that will meet the needs of Clemson audiences.

Marjorie Campbell — CCIT
Neill Cameron
— Advancement
Billy Cook
Michele Cauley
— Development
Dhruv Jain — Student Affairs
Jeannie Davis — College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
John Gouch
— Media Services/Internal Communications
Ron Grant
— College of Engineering and Science
Rose Ellen Davis-Gross
— Board of Trustees
Joel Greenstein
— Graduate School
Rusty Guill
— Parents
Scott Hammel — Libraries
Jordan Harmon — Human Resources
Jon Harp — Undergraduate Studies
Tharon Howard
— College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
Tenneil James — Development
Barry Johnson — CCIT
Keith Jones
— Facilities
Tina LeMay
— Student Affairs
Dana Carroll Morgan — Alumni
Gary Malstrom
— CCIT, College of Engineering and Science
Walker Massey
— College of Agriculture, Foresty and Life Sciences, PSA
Kelly McDavid
— Registrar’s Office
Eduardo Nieves — CAAH
Sandi Piazza — CCIT
Janette Robbins — CBBS
Eric Rodgers — Video Production Services
Peter Togel — College of Agriculture, Foresty and Life Sciences, PSA
Tim Whims — College of Health, Education and Human Development
Kesha Williams — Digitial Communications
Creative Services Staff