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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting
January 23, 2013 at 3 p.m.

Alumni Conference Room
16 Members Attending

Cascade Upgrade 6.10
Has not yet been completed on the development server due to issues with the database. Sandi is working on completing it now that the PSA database has been successfully replaced. PSA has worked with their clients to remove large files from PSA Cascade to the media server. We have and are working on the same. We’ve reset the maximum file size on our server and will schedule a restart to initiate a 5 MB file size. Currently the media server uses group rights. Asked if this will still meet the manager’s needs, and all present agreed. Creative Services with work with CCIT to restart the server during a routine scheduled maintenance time.

Master Calendar replacement with Localist.
The customizable, externally hosted university event calendaring system is being implemented. Content is being migrated to the new calendar. Terri will be the administrator and trainer for administrative users. A list of places and final design/color scheme of pages is in progress now. Sneak Peak at: (final URL will be the same as the current calendar when Localist goes into production.)

Undergraduate Major Site in production with launch next month.
Crystal has been working with the college communicators, career center and advising centers to develop content for each of the undergraduate degrees offered. Matt has implemented Meghan’s design, with the homepage and finishing touches being added now. Pages are moving through proofing and final client approval. Meeting is being scheduled with Admissions, and then the URL will be distributed for WLT review.

Update from Sam Hoover on mobile initiative at Clemson canceled.
Many of us met last December with Sam to talk about the needs and desire for mobile applications and Web pages optimized for mobile devices. Another larger meeting was held Dec. 19. Unfortunately, Sam was unable to attend this meeting.

Beth Lacy on Banner
Beth presented a detailed overview of the current status and plans for Banner, the new comprehensive Student Information System that will replace SIS Web. She explained the four major components, creation of portals, the goal to create one Clemson ID for multiple roles, and how access to some information will be changed, along with a project timeline. This project is expected to be a “cradle to grave” relationship management system. Peter volunteered to serve on the ecommerce committee and recommended a CAFLS contact to includ in database integration discussions. A PDF overview of Beth’s presentation is attached. Matt Bundrick is working with the portal team, and Andy Macdonald is also involved.

Updates from other members
  • A usability study is under way for the Extension website through Tharon Howard’s group.
  • John Gouch shared information on the new Homeowners application being used to create permanent stories on students that can be easily shared with hometown news sources and parents. Media Relations is always looking for more opportunities to send through this application.
  • Al Littlejohn reported demand for video continues to increase at the Communication Center. They are asked for 5-6 per week, anywhere from 2.5 minutes to 2.5 hours in up to five different formats. User preference and need is determining format.
  • Carmen Bradley reported she is working with Sam Hoover on development of a mobile Web template. A meeting with PSA to discuss is scheduled for next Wednesday. She is working on a responsible design to allow Clemson one template for the multitude of devices and the ability to adapt to new devices. Her project focuses on Web pages optimized for mobile devices, not mobile apps.
  • Library Race Registration is available online, part of this fee is a gift to the Library.
  • The webpage in Giving for making a gift allows for a guest to make a gift without creating an ID or having to log in. Less than ¼ of gifts have been received through the guest option.