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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting
January 28, 2008 at 2 p.m.
Alumni Conference Room

Attendees: Carol Usher, Matt Bundrick, Dave Sharpe, Terri Vaughan, Carrie DuPre, Meghan Boyles, Jamie Brown, John Gouch, Tenneil Moody, Walker Massey, Gordan Cochran, Elizabeth Anderson, Gary Malstrom, Rose Ellen Davis-Gross, Teresa Morgan, Chris Jones, Sandy Woodward, Peter Togel, Anne McKenzie, Bruce Raffert, Sandi Piazza, Sonny Gray, Marjorie Campbell


1.    CCIT update on Cascade Version 5.1 (Sandi Piazza)

Production Version 5 was released from the vendor over Christmas break; V5 should help with speed issues. We are preparing for the night of Feb. 8 to upgrade and move servers. Cascade will not be available during this period. Notification of how long the conversion is expected to take will be communicated to all users. Currently we have one server for MySQL, wwwdev and Cascade. As of last week, we have new hardware to move the MySQL database.

2.    CCIT update on Cascade Log In (Jamie Brown)

This will wait until after the Cascade upgrade is complete.

3.    Update on Video Guidelines (Elizabeth Anderson)

See attached document to read Compliance, Standards and Archiving recommendations. This will be taken to legal next for approval. Standards will be modified as additional recommendations and hardware are available. CCIT’s video enterprise solution is 88% complete.

4.    BrightCove Naming Conventions for Video

Name videos in this format: 6DigitDate (YYMMDD)_4DigitDeptartmentCode_name.flv

For example: 080123_4125_name_of_movie.flv

5.    Usability Testing Update (Carol Usher)

Testing software has been installed on the computers for Tharon Howard’s grad students to use. They will be trained in the next few weeks. We will also receive feedback by the end of February from a research class reviewing the site using a variety of research methods.

6.    CUROAR update (Carrie DuPre)

A student video competition is underway: Students can submit individual or group 90-second submissions showing Clemson pride. Entries are due Feb. 15. Winners receive cash prizes and play time on our site.

7.    Further discussion

We are investigating additional communication tools for Cascade Managers to collaborate. Reminder that we have a listserv available for ongoing discussions with other WLT members. To subscribe:

Send email to
(No subject)

In body of message put:
Subscribe wlt-l Firstname Lastname
(ex: subscribe wlt-l Terri Vaughan)

Next Meeting

February 18, Location TBD

To add an item to the meeting agenda, email Carol Usher at