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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2010
Alumni Center Conference Room at 10:15 a.m.
17 members attended.

Cascade Training: Terri Vaughan ( is updating documents for Cascade. It is meant to cover the functionality and style changes available in the new branded templates at the manager’s level. OWS is not offering classroom training for end users. Managers determine the level of involvement with the style sheet they allow their users, and managers are responsible for user training at this level. There are very few functional changes the end user sees when working with the new templates.

Tiger Tracks: OWS is working with CCIT to set up an account that will utilize tracking and distribution of requests through Tiger Tracks, much the same way Webmaster, CCIT and Student Affairs are using it. Terri will be the OWS Tiger Tracks administrator. Matt is developing the request form users will fill out online. Implementation of the forms is scheduled for March 1.

Cascade Security: The Cascade login remains unsecured. Solutions were discussed: either log in will be require through VPN (after the meeting Sandi reported that VPN would be necessary on and off campus), or the Cascade server will need to be encrypted, which is expected to result in slower response times. Which solution do we expect users will be more tolerant of?  Originally, we agreed VPN offered the least impact on users. Most were already used to using VPN for off campus, and for other application. Another solution discussed was including code in the “Clemson Log-in” page. CCIT has been in touch with Hannon Hill since the meeting, and all options are still being reviewed.

Campus Map: A new campus map has been published. New features to be aware of — supports direct linking to locations and is searchable. Overlays for parking and CATBus routes have been suggested and are being explored. If there are other needs or suggestions, please let Matt Bundrick ( know about them. A downloadable PDF of addresses for deliveries is being added.

Blog Farm
: OWS and CCIT have created an efficient way to manage and provide blogs using WordPress. Currently the President, CBBS Dean, CES Dean and Public Affairs blogs have been migrated. Initially, this service is available for deans and other administrators as needed and requested. This is not meant to replace a Web site, but provide an enhancement. There are five branded templates available. Documentation is being developed. Space is limited to 10 mgs. No video uploads allowed. This is not a service open to faculty and staff, but limited to the official college and departmental blogs as needed.  Is not available for student organizations. Blog requests are sent to Jacob Barker ( for approval and inclusion on the Social Media page. Guidelines to govern social media applications are in development through the New Media Team, chaired by Jacob, and will be reviewed by the General Counsel’s office. Educating users is an important step to ensure these sites provide the communications and information effectively. See:

Updates from other areas:

  • CCIT has launched their new site, while keeping the old site available. Please report any broken links or comments to CCIT.
  • CCIT provides programming services for a fee. For more information see:
  • PSA Store is up and running quietly. More clients are being added.
  • Student Affairs is more than halfway through the migration of their sites to the new templates.
  • CES would like to move the college pages to the new templates as well. There are departments also interested in migrating.

The media server is available for housing large individual files and images or large quantities of files. Please use this space instead of adding these items to Cascade. Contact to request a folder for your department.
The University does not allow PayPal for accepting payments. The Bursars Office has a new Credit Card Processing Request Form. (

We’d like to schedule next month’s meeting, for Monday, March 15.
The meeting will be held in the Alumni Conference Room beginning at 10 a.m.