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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2008 at 2 p.m.
Alumni Conference Room

Attendees: Carol Usher, Matt Bundrick, Dave Sharpe, Terri Vaughan, Carrie DuPre, Jamie Brown, Tenneil Moody, Walker Massey, Elizabeth Anderson, Peter Togel, Sandi Piazza, Brian Cass, Tharon Howard, Michelle Wood, Pam Bowen

Unable to Attend: Mike Bonnette, Tim Bowen, Julie Breazeale, Amanda Brock, Marjorie Campbell, Neill Cameron, Gordon Cochrane, Billy Cook, Debbie Dalhouse, Jeannie Davis, Pam Draper, Katherine Dobrenen, John Gouch, Ron Grant , Rose Ellen Davis-Gross, Joel Greenstein, Rusty Guill, Desmond R. Layne, Barry  Johnson, Wanda Johnson-Stokes, Chris Jones, Tina LeMay, Al Littlejohn, Gary Malstrom, Kelly McDavid, Patrick  McGee, Suzie Medders, Teresa Morgan, Deb O'Conner, Rich Pak, Lisa  Pape, Bruce Rafert, Irfan Tak, Tammy Vaught, Arnold Walton, Barbara Weaver, Pam West. Tim Whims, Sean Williams, Sandy Woodward, Kathy Wright

1.    CCIT update on Cascade Version 5.1 (Sandi Piazza)
Version 5 has been implemented and is running well with exception of users in multiple manager roles. Hannon Hill has been contacted and is working to resolve these issues. Cascade is already noticeably faster. Users do not need VPN for off-campus access.  

2.    Service Level Agreement between OWS and CCIT (Carol Usher)
This document will outline which department will handle what tasks. It will be on the OWS site once approved and signed by all parties.

3.    Update on Video Guidelines (Elizabeth Anderson)
Discussion and amendment were made to the guidelines. They are ready for an email vote among WLT members for approval. Then, OWS will take it to legal for approval.

4.    Reaching Alumni with Social Networking (Tenniel Moody)
At last week’s Academic Impressions webinar, Alumni looked at new ways to use social networking (which includes blogs, discussion boards, looking up fellow alumni, etc.) A survey found that FaceBook was the most popular social network. Tenneil has started a “FaceBook Fellows” group in FaceBook to test out usage. (Look it up if you want to join!)
Also, Advancement is looking to update its Web sites. Do you know of resources on campus to analyze data and assess what users want/use? Contact Tenneil Moody at  

5.    Usability Testing Update (Carol Usher)
The deadline for the reports is mid-March.

6.    Further discussion
The CUroar student video contest produced seven contestants. Online voting will take place Feb. 20-22.

CCIT is not happy with the current vendor for the automatic server emergency fail-over system. (This is currently a manual process.) They are looking at possibly doing the fail-over in-house.

Next Meeting
March 17, Location TBD
To add an item to the meeting agenda, email Carol Usher at