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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting
March 16, 2009 at 10 A.M.
Visitors Center Theater

Attendees: Carol Usher, Matt Bundrick, Dave Sharpe, Terri Vaughan, Meghan Boyle, Crystal Boyles, Walker Massey, Peter Togel, Donna Bowen, Anne Jenkins, Sandi Piazza, Tim Whims, Tharon Howard, Jeannie Davis, Al Littlejohn, Tenneil Moody, Michelle Wood, Gordon Cochrane, John Gouch, Gary Malstrom


  1. Dead redirects. OWS and CCIT are working to clean up the list. OWS has developed a database to track and maintain these redirect requests.
  2. Server clean up continues with individual departments.
  3. CCIT’s own instance of Cascade was suspended for financial reasons. In order to provide CCIT with its own production instance of Cascade, we must buy an Enterprise license. We did not do so for PSA because when OWS approached Hannon Hill in early 2008 and requested a license for a PSA instance of Cascade, we did so based on our understanding of the licensing agreement and the fact that our Cascade servers are not hardware but are VMs all running on the same VMWare server. Our understanding of what constitutes a production instance of Cascade did not coincide with what is outlined in our license agreement with Hannon Hill. Hannon Hill and OWS were saying the same thing but understanding it differently. Hannon Hill has agreed to provide OWS with a PSA production instance of Cascade since it would cause such a hardship to bring PSA back into the Clemson instance. Hannon Hill will not — and should not be expected to — give OWS an Enterprise license for a CCIT instance of Cascade that costs $50,000.
  4. Request for temp folder on server to allow users to upload documents. Research, discussion and specific examples continue to be complied to see if this is feasible. If you have a need for this service, please send specifics to Carol Usher (
  5. Interest in continuing the development of an online mall was discussed. If there is an interest from units please send information to Carol Usher.
  6. Digital Signature. Question asked if CCIT had anything in place for managing digital signatures for signing documents electronically. Keith Jones contacted David Buckley. Keith is moving forward with promoting the use of self-signed digital signatures based on public-key cryptography. Keith is developing a tutorial that will be available under the Online Resources section explaining how to create a digital identity based on PKCS#12, how to sign documents and how to share trusted certificates that Adobe Reader uses to certify a digital signature to be valid.
    David Buckley provided these links:

    Recommendation for Obtaining Assurances for Digital Signature Applications
    Federal Agency Use of Public KeyTechnology for Digital Signatures and Authentication (pdf)
  7. Update on the redundancy of There are currently two servers hosting the main University Web site, one at Research Park and the other on campus. In the event one is not available, the other is manually set to serve the main pages of the site. The automatic rollover solution CCIT was working on with a third party vendor was not implemented due to the vendor's inability to configure the DNS as we needed. CCIT is working with a California-based university to provide a third server with the main university Web site. Plans to provide redundancy for other Web sites hosted on servers other than the main site have been discussed and will be considered as CCIT develops server clusters once resources are available.
  8. Elizabeth Anderson no longer with the University. Question about Web video archiving.  I talked with Isaac Wallace in Records Management, who said they should be kept “Until no longer needed for reference.” This would cover most of the Web videos produced, with the exception of video featuring the University president or provost and containing information historical to the University. Records Management is happy to work with departments to determine the best preservation method for video requiring long term archiving.
  9. Updates from others: Replacement server for rh3, hosting SHARE Web sites, is going online at 10 p.m. this evening (March 24). Departments have checked code and made modifications for the past month.
News Services has created a ClemsonNews Twitter. An additional Twitter is planned for CU Safety.
  10. Brand Presentation by Dave Dryden. (PDF of brand slide show attached.)
After two years of conducting research on how the Clemson brand has been communicated, recommendations have been formulated and approved by the Board of Trustees.  A detailed visual style guide, tool box and necessary resources are being developed to ensure the brand is accurately communicated by all areas of the university. This will impact all forms of communication as we integrate a consistent style of writing, type of photography, typography and use of color. As Web standards are determined based on the visual style guide, drafts will be shared in the coming weeks for your feedback and assistance in working out the details.

Next Meeting:
Monday, April 20, 2009, at 10 a.m. in the Alumni Center Conference Room.