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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting
March 18, 2013

Alumni Conference Room
24 Members Attendin, Alumni Conference Room

 Cathy Sams started the presentation with information on the new “Go Big” marketing campaign and how the University’s website was involved.

An update was presented:

What else has been going on?

  • A Usability Study of the Admissions area was conducted by Joey Evans last fall.
  • Prospective Student and Faculty/ Staff surveys were conducted this winter.
  • Site Improve application demo was seen in in January and March.
  • Website Analysis was completed by Carnegie in March.

What we’ve learned about

We need to:

  • provide a better organization of the information
  • institute quality assurance and accessibility checks
  • develop a path for users to easily follow, removing clutter
  • implement universal navigation and
  • display in a responsive design to accommodate mobile devices.

Here’s what the web team is working on:

  • Reconfiguring the homepage and gateway pages.
  • Investigating a package for quality assurance and accessibility.
  • Working with Carnegie to develop an action plan and timeline for keyword reprioritization, revising title and description meta tags, group education and governance.

A mockup of the Homepage and a Gateway page were presented by Meghan Bundrick. The new homepage provides concise and fixed navigation, a simplified search feature, more graphic display of headlines, incorporation the Clemson TV channel, a clearly defined Faculty, Student and Uniquely Clemson approach to telling our story, and a more interesting display of ranking/brag points. The universal footer sports the Clemson ring icon, a mini header is introduced with links to audience gateways and university-site links. A roll over of main navigation (About, Admissions & Aid, Academics, Public Service, Research and Visitors) automatically drops down a “drawer” with links to main sections and offers the opportunity for photo and text.

The gateway pages use the same header and navigation bar but expand the “drawer” to the full page. Fixed left navigation links are provided to anchor points on the page, as well as other areas of interest in the section of the web. The left navigation is not automated, which allows for more control over the links included. The body portion of the page provides content, additional links and offers a right column for spotlights.

All pages are coded in a responsive design to be device independent and scale both vertically and horizontally.