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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2008 at 2 p.m.

Brown Room, Cooper Library

Attending: Sandi Piazza, Gordon Cochran, Katherine Dobrenen, Elizabeth Anderson, Anne McKenzie, Pam Draper, John Gouch, Tim Whims, Teresa Morghan, Sandy Woodward, Mike Bonnette, Terri Vaughan, Dave Sharpe, Matt Bundrick, Meghan Boyle, Carol Usher

Unable to Attend: Pam Bowen, Tim Bown, Julie Breazeale, Amanda Brock, Jamie Brown, Neill Cameron, Marjorie Campbell, Brian Cass, Billy Cook, Debbie Dalhouse, Jeannie Davis, Rose Ellen Davis-Gross, Dave Dryden, Ron Grant, Joel Greenstein, Tharon Howard, Barry Johnson, Chris Jones, Tina Lemay, Al Littlejohn, Gary Malstrom, Walker Massey, Kelly McDavid, Patrick McGee, Suzie Medders, Tenneil Moody, Deb O’Conneer, Rich Pak, Lisa Pape, Bruce Rafert, Cathy Sams, Irfan Tak, Peter Togel, Tammy Vaught, Arnold Walton, Dan Warner, Barbara Weaver, Pam West, Sean Williams, Kathy Wright

1.    A new development/test server has been created with a copy of the production database as of April 9, 2008.  Cascade Version 5.2 was installed and tested before being applied to the production version per Change Management process. Future updates will be installed and tested on this server. Managers requesting access for development purposes can contact OWS.

2.    Advertising Guidelines were discussed and approved.  Mike Bonnette and Carol Usher to clarify a couple of points and proceed with approval from the Office of General Counsel.

3.    Creating of a Virtual Campus Tour was discussed after OWS completed a conference call with Campus Determining scope of project, server requirements and support under discussion. Click here for more information on the Clemson Campus Tour Project.

4.    OWS Updates:    
    •    Site Design  and Typography pages were updated in  the Web Style Guide.
    •    Service Level Agreement between OWS and CCIT is being reviewed. Once signed it will be posted on the OWS web site.
    •    CCIT/OWS discussion of providing additional instances of Cascade for large user with modified templates. Pricing and support details have been developed.  OWS/CCIT plan to discuss this option with PSA.
    •    Video Guidelines: Approved by WLT, revised by General Counsel’s office. These revisions are being reviewed for final GC approval.
    •    Web Research project: Dr. Howard and Dr. Ding’s students completed their research on various aspects of the site, using a variety of methodologies. Their presentations are available here.
    •    Usability Testing Update: students are having difficulty recruiting volunteers for the project.
    •    Interviews for the Writer/Editor position in OWS ending this week.
    •    Currently 447 users in 263 groups using Cascade.

5.    Updates from other team members.
    •    Communications Center asking where we are on storing video files. They have seen drastic increase in the number of requests and expect that to continue. CCIT’s Video Enterprise solution has recommendations established, but no funding at this time. Third-party hosting remains the recommendation for users at this time. Brightcove for departments offering several clips (creating a channel) and OWS is checking on Googles’ video upload ( for individual videos.
    •    There is a growing need for a data server for file formats other than html, associated jpgs  and php instead of uploading in Cascade. OWS and CCIT will plan to meet to determine how best to proceed. Resources that have been supplied by CCIT for department sites may no longer be cost free.
    •    Continuing Web education for Cascade users remains critical. OWS identifying candidates who need additional training on using templates efficiently and will be developing more detailed training materials for users.
    •    HEHD plans to migrate college level pages to Cascade.
    •    Alumni and Giving to Clemson are updating site based on research conducted and the marketing plan.
    •    Google stats are available for sites in Cascade. Contact OWS if you need access. Also,  usage statistics are available here.
    •    Student Affairs has nearly all of their sites to Cascade.
    •    The Library is looking forward to moving into Cascade.
    •    Inside Clemson Announcements are moving to the Faculty/Staff gateway page. One email will be sent each Wednesday.  Deadline for submission is Tuesday noon.

Next Meeting:
Monday, May19, 2008, Brown Room, Cooper Library