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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2008 at 2 p.m.

Brown Room, Cooper Library

Attending: Jamie Brown, Anne McKenzie, Al Littlejohn, Terri Vaughan, Dave Sharpe, Matt Bundrick, Meghan Boyle, Carol Usher, Erin Knapper, Donna Bowen, Peter Togel, Jeannie Davis and Tharon Howard
Unable to Attend: Elizabeth Anderson, Pam Bowen, Mike Bonnette, Tim Brown, Julie Breazeale, Amanda Brock, Neill Cameron, Marjorie Campbell, Brian Cass, Gordon Cochran, Billy Cook, Debbie Dalhouse, John Gouch, Rose Ellen Davis-Gross, Katherine Dobrenen, Pam Draper, Dave Dryden, Ron Grant, Joel Greenstein, Barry Johnson, Chris Jones, Tina Lemay, Gary Malstrom, Walker Massey, Kelly McDavid, Patrick McGee, Suzie Medders, Tenneil Moody, Teresa Morghan, Deb O’Conner, Rich Pak, Lisa Pape, Sandi Piazza ,Bruce Rafert, Cathy Sams, Irfan Tak, Tammy Vaught, Arnold Walton, Dan Warner, Barbara Weaver, Pam West, Tim Whims, Sean Williams, Michelle Wood, Sandy Woodward, Kathy Wright

1.    New members to the team introduced:  Erin Knapper, OWS editor/intern for the summer and Donna Bowen, PSA Media.

2.    PSA moved to their own instance of Cascade without serious issues.

3.    OWS Updates:    
    •    OWS Editor, Crystal Boyles, joins us next Tuesday, May 27.
    •    OWS has met with Gordon from the Library, and Tim Whims from HEHD on moving sites into Cascade.
    •    OWS/CCIT met to discuss creation of data server for web files. Expecting more information from them soon.
    •    Campus Map meeting is being scheduled to finalize scope of project.
    •    Slide Show Pro Director has been installed. Documentation being added to the OWS site. Dave Sharpe has created a universal player that loads the shows that can be embedded on department pages. Contact Matt Bundrick if you would like to include a slide show on your site. Click here for the full list of galleries. See how slideshows are being used by departments here.

4.    Jamie Brown reported CCIT plans to launch new site June 4. Meeting with Billy Cook to determine how applications can be moved to another server and provide only presentation of content in Cascade. Blackboard is upgrading this summer with a building block for podcasts.

5.    Al Littlejohn reported iTunesU is expected to receive Apple approval and will be live soon.  He suggested we develop branding for our podcasts.

6.    Peter reported the CAFLS live published live from Cascade last week. The PSA instance of Cascade is up and running and ready for their clients.

Next Meeting:
Monday, June 16, 2008; location and need to be determined.