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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting
June 20, 2009 at 10 A.M.
Alumni Conference Room

Attendees: 14 members


1.    Cascade upgrade to was installed this past Saturday on the server with a copy of the production database as of June 11 under it. OWS plans to test this version through July with Student Affairs and CCIT. At the beginning of August, a copy of the PSA database will be swapped for PSA to test and review. Once all divisions approve, a request to Change Management to update the Production versions of Cascade will be requested early September. This version features several changes for RUOs.

2.    Removing audit trails from Cascade after 6 months.  Matt is checking access to the audit trails for the RUOs. Many are using this feature, 6 months may not be long enough to retain. More discussion to follow before any change is made.

3.    Redesign. Final brand color hex numbers and wordmarks due the end of June from Creative Services. OWS will publish to the development server our pages for feedback and testing through the month of July. Live publish date set for August 3, 2009.  No objections to this date from the membership despite August Graduation scheduled for August 8, 2009. Sample homepage and gateway pages we passed around. Images being added to the Redesign site at:

4.    Other updates from members:

  • FaceBook and Twitter information was requested and is being compiled for distribution to this team on the OWS web site.
  • Jamie Brown said CCIT was in the process of cleaning up their site and removing outdated, duplicate and unnecessary pages from the site. A new gateway page for CCIT was discussed after the meeting, and is expected to be included with the new site launch.
  • Al Littlejohn asked about the availability of the new wordmarks. These will be available from Creative Services (formerly Publications and Promotion), we expect at the end of June. More information for the brand and wordmarks is expected from the Office of Media Relations (formerly News Services), Internal Communications.
  • John Gouch said the new Media Relations site for external media is coming along. Expected to launch on July 1.  New categories are available instead of the current “bucket” structure to ensure easier feeds to pages, multiple tagging and consistent labeling to provide better search results.
Security Information:
  • Sandi Piazza brought the need to provide better security for Cascade users. The URL to log in with stay the same, but the server will need to be changed to encrypt packets coming and going out. While this is not the most efficient way, there is no other way at this time to secure the date. Sandi will continue to work with Hannon Hill to see if there is an alternative way to secure log in information.
  • Cascade requires a Clemson employee user ID to access. Student employees need to user their employee IDs to access Cascade and other servers. It has been discovered some users have given students their id so they could update web pages. Never give any one your user ID and password.
  • Below is an excerpt from the email that Peter sent on behalf of the web team regarding the user ID issue. You are welcome to use it as as an example of their approach to the subject:

We have noticed that psacascade has 280+ users. Many of you are designing wonderfully detailed websites and are making great gains in web development. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to being unified in telling Clemson’s fantastic stories via this tool. Thank you for all of your hard work.

We would also like to take this time to offer a reminder. The PSA/CAFLS Web Team does not support the sharing of your employee UserID and password to ANYONE at any time. In doing so, you grant access to your privacy documents in blackboard and any other university access you have been privileged to (student/employee records,...etc).  An excerpt from the university IT policy reads:

“All employees will safeguard their computer userids and passwords. No employee will allow unauthorized persons access to University data or computing or network resources by sharing their userid and password.” from:

If you have a student or other employee who is currently updating your website using your or another user’s employee ID to gain access, please discontinue this practice. We understand that their assistance is valuable to you, so please have these individuals enroll in a training session most convenient to them.

There was a follow up email to one particular client that then prompted the page PSA created to express how they support the university policy:

Non-University related Web Sites

  • Sites being maintained on Clemson servers by Clemson personnel that are not “official” sites are being discovered. While they may have some affiliation with Clemson there is no policy in place to cover the ownership, maintenance or responsibility for the content. The WLT determined after some discussion that a policy was needed and could be approved by the Web Leadership Team to ensure these sites are properly documented, maintained and follow the requirements for University sites. Tenneil Moody volunteered to chair a committee that will establish a policy, with assistance from Walker Massey and team member input. A draft will be presented at the next meeting. They are being mindful to include partnership and consortium sites. CCIT is controlling and maintaining the records for the outside URLs for sites needing non URLs (national organizations for instance). The new branding structure is based on tiers that could help to determine the levels for what is allowed or required.

Next Meeting:

Monday, July 13, 2009, at  10 a.m. in the Alumni Center Conference Room.