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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting
July 16, 2007
2:00 p.m.
Alumni Center Lobby

Attendees: Dave Dryden, Carol Usher, Terri Vaughan, Carrie DuPre, Matt Bundrick, Elizabeth Anderson, Pam Bowen, Billy Cook, Gordon Cochran, Debbie Dalhouse, Pam Draper, John Gouch, Chris Jones, Gary Malstrom, Patrick McGee, Tenneil Moody, Teresa Morgan, Sandi Piazza, Barry Johnson, Bruce Rafert, Tim Whims, Sean Williams

Unable to attend: Tim Bowen, Amanda Brock, Neill Cameron, Brian Cass, Jeannie Davis, Ron Grant, Joel Greenstein, Tharon Howard, Rich Pak, Pam West, Robin Denny

Dave Dryden, director of Publications and Promotion, welcomed the group and thanked them for their participation. He ran through the members of the Office of Web services and their current roles; the team includes:
Carol Usher – Web communications team leader
Terri Vaughan – Web customer service specialist
Dave Sharpe – Web developer/designer
Carrie DuPre – Web writer
Matt Bundrick – Web developer

Carol took over the meeting, reviewing each team member’s professional experiences. She then walked through a presentation outlining:
•    How we got where we are
•    The Dell report (the analysis of our Web site at the onset of the process)
•    The purpose of the redesign
•    The Web as a marketing tool
•    User stats
•    What we have completed on the Web so far
•    What projects are in progress

That presentation is available for review here: _____________________.

Group Discussion:
The group was asked three questions to get the discussion started.
1.    How do we need to share information?
2.    What should be the role of this leadership group?
3.    Where do you think we should go from here (3-6 months)?

Below are topics and resolutions that were discussed by the group.
•    Communication with the Web Leadership Team. The team would like to be involved in discussions about changes being contemplated. This team would also like to have input regarding content for the site.
•    Communication with webmasters. OWS will enhance its site ( to have Web policies and procedures clearly stated. It will have contacts for webmasters, and clients will be able to view progress of their projects.
•    Share information. Keep in mind how one project can affect another team. For example, if one group announces plans for video, make sure Video Production is given advanced notice of services needed from them. Also, the team would like a way to share how-to tips on topics such as search engine optimization and search functions.
•    Statistics. Clemson statistic monitoring is looking at ways to become more robust. Currently, Live Stats only monitors the main Clemson domain. Google Analytics will work in the content management system; PSA has been very happy with it.
•    Cascade. Our content management system, called Cascade, will begin training in late July. Right now, training is by invitation only. Managers will be trained to then, in turn, train their users. To request a seat in training, email If you want to learn more about Cascade and see if it is something you want, someone from OWS can meet with you individually. It was noted that changes in the University template would not affect other templates like the grad school and PSA.
•    Video hosting. Options are being explored.
•    Audiences. There are several different audiences that need to be addressed through the Clemson site. We need to think like all of them to make sure their needs are being met.
•    Procedures. We need an articulated process/procedure for what to do for things that can’t be planned, what constitutes “important”, etc. Part of this might be addressed by the newly formed crisis team that is looking at emergency processes on campus.
•    Off campus hosting. CCIT is looking at having the homepage domain hosted off campus for easy switching if we fall off the net. They are also revamping internal servers to make it more redundant.

Next Steps:
Attendees will read the drafted Web policies as distributed by OWS and send comments to Carol Usher (

A password-protected link to the Dell report will be emailed to all team members. If a access needs to be added for colleagues, contact OWS with names and user ids. Sean Williams will review the Dell report and help create a mission statement.

This group will meet at least monthly, possibly bi-weekly at the start. An agenda will be distributed in advance. Meetings will be kept to one hour. We will look into other locations, such as the library.