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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2008
Alumni Center Lobby at 2 p.m.

Attending: Alicyn Butler, Brian Cass, John Gouch, Rose Ellen Davis-Gross, Sonny Gray, Patrick McGee, Joel Greenstein, Gary Malstrom, Chris Jones, Sandi Piazza, Teresa Morghan, Bruce Rafert, Dan Warner, Michelle Wood, Terri Vaughan, Dave Sharpe, Matt Bundrick, Meghan Boyle, Crystal Boyles, Carol Usher.

Unable to Attend: Tim Brown, Jamie Brown, Elizabeth Anderson, Pam Bowen, Donna Bowen , Julie Breazeale, Amanda Brock, Neill Cameron, Marjorie Campbell, Billy Cook, Katherine Dobrenen, Debbie Dalhouse, Jeannie Davis, Pam Draper, Dave Dryden, Ron Grant, Tharon Howard,  Barry Johnson, Tina Lemay, Al Littlejohn, Kelly McDavid, Anne McKenzie, Suzie Medders, Tenneil Moody, Walker Massey, Deb O’Conner, Rich Pak, Lisa Pape, Bruce Rafert, Cathy Sams, Irfan Tak, Peter Togel, Tammy Vaught, Arnold Walton, Dan Warner, Barbara Weaver, Pam West, Sean Williams, Sandy Woodward, Kathy Wright

1.    Cascade 5.5.1 will soon be available for testing. Implementation could bring changes in procedures with the new features being offered. See: Hannon Hill instruction issues and priorities have delayed the implementation of the new version installation. Email will be sent once this version is available for testing.

2.    New media server is available for users with high volumes of high-resolution images, large file-size pdfs or extensive amounts of files linking from Web sites. CCIT is coordinating access as requested for departments by OWS.

3.    New Cascade Asset Factories for images, pdfs and files with size restrictions are available. Discussion on how best to communicate to users, and when to implement, determined that Managers would communicate to their users that the new asset factories were available and file size limits would placed as previously discussed. OWS is identifying sites that will benefit from storing documents on the data server and will work with users individually to migrate files and update links on a site-by-site basis. Email will be sent to Managers prior to implementation.

4.    Discussion on a University-wide solution for the faculty-staff directory with profiles requested by the School of Education.
An example can be seen here:

All profile pages are linked from the School of Ed’s directory page,, which makes it very easy for students and colleagues to look at office hours or research interests of faculty members.

PSA/CAFLS/Extension have had a Biography template for a while. Examples can be seen at:

After discussion, it was determined there was desire and need for a single source of current profile information. Brian Cass agreed to chair a sub-committee to investigate existing resources, clarify goals and recommend possible solutions. Crystal Boyles volunteered for the committee and Joel Greenstein agreed to share survey information he had gathered recently. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Brian Cass at, or Web Services at

This also brought up a discussion on the poor search results for Clemson sites. Michelle Wood told the group about the Google Search Application box that CCIT is developing that should help with pulling better results across multiple servers, allow for prioritizing, searching media and working to find a way to provide the results to Google for their search engine.

5.    Modifications to the existing Master Calendar to provide department level use was discussed and explained. Since the meeting this has been implemented, allowing for multiple calendars. It also provides filtered RSS results that can be added to web sites or allow subscriptions.

6.    Cascade training is required for users coming into the content management system, unless departments take responsibility for training and support. All managers in agreement.

7.    OWS moving forward on the Virtual Campus Tour as discussed at the April 21 WLT Meeting. Scope of projects, server requirements and support are under discussion. For more information see:  

8.    CCIT is working on an interface for the Google Search application. Teresa Morgan reported most all sights in Student Affairs are on Cascade. Brian Cass reported the Grad School news database was in place and could generate RSS feeds to outside sights like Peterson. Chris Jones pointed out IE8 had been released and it was breaking some minor (and some major) portions of pages.

9.    Questions and further discussion.
The new Web application server was brought up. Sandi is checking and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Next Meeting:
Monday, September 15, 2008, location to be determined.