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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2008
Alumni Center Lobby at 2 p.m.

Attended: Matt Bundrick, David Sharpe, Tim Whims, Al Littlejohn, Ray Holliday, Anne McKenzie Jenkins, Brian Cass, Gordon Cochrane, Katherine Dobrenen, Patrick McGee, Gary Malstrom, Sonny Gray, Teresa Morgan, Terri Vaughan

Cascade 5.5.1 Upgrade:
Matt reported that the Cascade 5.5.2 upgrade to the Cascade development server was unsuccessful and Cascade dev was not available. Sandi Piazza contacted Hannon Hill and was instructed to attempt to install 5.5.2 again. The install to Cascade dev should take place on 9/16 and if successful and after testing, will go to Cascade Production on 10/3. Katherine Dobrenen asked for details on our testing plan for the upgrade to dev and Matt told her that there were no set procedures in place for testers, but that OWS has a series or procedures used for testing Cascade for the component we support and manage. He also indicated that it is a slight possibility that the Cascade dev database could be updated to a more recent snapshot of the production server, and additional users may be granted access to Cascade dev to aid in testing. Katherine strongly suggested that we implement a testing plan to ensure thorough testing prior to upgrading Cascade production.

Sub-committee for the Faculty/Staff Profile pages:
Brian Cass updated the team on the status of the sub-committee for the Faculty/Staff Profile page. The committee has not yet convened but Brian has compiled a preliminary list of participants including: Crystal Boyles, Matt Bundrick, Walker Massey, Anne McKenzie Jenkins, Bruce Rafert, Sean Williams and Joel Greenstein. He is also accepting recommendations for additional faculty and staff. Teddi Fishman, Rutland Center for Ethics, and Tharon Howard were recommended.

Identifying RUOs for major sites:
Matt discussed the OWS plan for identifying RUOs for the top-level sites in Cascade and how the administrative tasks and training would fall to those RUOs. OWS will provide training for the RUOs and site managers (the folks who are responsible for the sites other than the top-level sites) who have been charged with choosing qualified content providers since the RUOs and site managers will be responsible for the training for those content providers. The RUOs and site managers can require their content providers to attend CCIT training or train them on their own. RUOs and managers will complete the Cascade access request form for all of their content providers. Forms will only be accepted from designated RUOs and site managers. Users and groups will be managed by the RUOs. Once granted access, new users will be added to the appropriate top-level ALL USERS group. Managers will not manage users and groups - OWS will grant access and add users to the general ALL USERS group. There was a question about the difference between RUOs and manager. Matt explained that RUOs are one person responsible for top-level sites and content providers while managers (if needed) are support staff to the RUO.

Need for internal Cascade forum:
Users who have Cascade questions currently send them via email to web_services-l. Matt mentioned that web_services-l will likely go away at some point in the near future due to the high amount of spam that address receives. Matt presented an idea to implement an internal Cascade forum, similar to Hannon Hill’s user forum, knowledge base and trouble ticketing system. The Clemson Cascade forum will be open to RUOs and managers to submit trouble tickets, share solutions and request assistance. The forum will be searchable, categorized and expandable. Training documents, tips and tricks and notifications will also be posted there. The content will be aggregated. Content providers will be able to read the forum but will have to contact their RUOs or managers to submit to the forum. Several team members agreed that a forum would be useful. It was suggested that OWS explore the Discussion Board module in Blackboard as a forum tool and Footprints (Tiger Tracks) for trouble ticketing. Team members were asked to help determine the scope of the forum by submitting their needs via email to Matt.
Team updates

The team was asked as a whole if anyone had any issues to be addressed. Al Littlejohn asked about metadata for videos and other multimedia. How is metadata being handled for things like beginning and ending dates for valid video content. He was asked to submit his question via email to web_services-l so OWS could discuss it and provide an accurate answer.

There were no further questions but Matt discussed the availability of the custom calendar and the library and grad school expressed an interest in having it.

Next Meeting:
Monday, October 20, 2008, location to be determined.

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