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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting
September 17, 2007
2:00 p.m.
Cooper Library, 2nd Floor Conference Room

Attendees: Carol Usher, Carrie DuPre, Matt Bundrick, Dave Sharpe, Meghan Boyle, Teresa Morgan, Chris Jones, Patrick McGee, Pam Bowen, Jamie Brown, Sandi Piazza, Peter Togel, John Gouch, Brian Cass, Sean Williams, Joel Greenstein, Debbie Dalhouse, Michelle Wood, Tenneil Moody, Mike Bonnette,  Al Littlejohn, Walker Massey, Gordan Cochran

Agenda items were reviewed:
1.    Proposed Changes to the site
a.    “Webmail” in the header was changed to “Web Email.”
b.    Sandi Piazza informed the group that our site’s primary server is housed in the P&A Building, with a carbon copy at the Research Park. We have a reciprocal agreement with College of Charleston in case of server shutdowns; if our servers are not available, C of C will post a page saying as much and giving phone numbers of our switchboard and the CUPD. We are working with Hannon Hill for the upgrade to Cascade 5. Hannon Hill is also looking in to the slow speed for users on Cascade.
c.    Members of OWS went to Hannon Hill to review processes for setting up folders in Cascade and discovered easier ways to work with assets and blocks.
d.    OWS is working with Student Affairs for content for “Student Life” to be added to the homepage and the parents element of “Visitors and Parents” on the homepage.
e.    John Gouch shared that Cleartext is the University vendor for emergency notifications. It will offer cell phone text messages to the campus community.  He requested that a  “CU Safety” link be added to the banner links. Discussion on which links would need to be removed to make room followed. OWS will prepare sample treatments for review by WLT. Team members could email OWS their suggestions. The changes need to be made by October 1.

2.    New Opportunities
a.    Cascade Login: Michelle Wood shared a concept for logins for Cascade that are set up by site/folder, not by user. That keeps user access assigned by site, keeping users from having universal rights.
b.    Video Hosting by BrightCove: Dave Sharpe shared that an account has been set up with BrightCove. If you have questions or need access posting videos, contact Dave at
c.    AWStats: Sandi Piazza shared an alternative to LiveStats (which isn’t really live). AWStats can track any site that begins with, it can run multiple sites, and it can target sub-sites like Extension. It can also track 404 errors. See examples: LiveStats:
d.    PSA E-Commerce. Walker Massey and Peter Togel have created an online mall for PSA e-commerce needs. Driven from the need to accept credit cards, this open source solution is now in development. The next step is to implement a payment processor and to test the site.
e.    Advertising on the Web. Mike Bonnette shared the question of selling ads on the Web site. There are currently no ads sold on sites; however, there are no legal limitations to sell ads. If you are interested in exploring this option or if you have comments, contact Mike at

Next Steps:
Next meeting will be October 22 at 2:00 p.m., Alumni Conference Room.
To add an item to the meeting agenda, email Carol Usher at