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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2011

Andy Macdonald, replacing Brian Cass in the Graduate School was introduced and met members of the team. Future new members include Sam Hoover, overseeing the mobile web initiative, and Beth Lacy, overseeing the Banner implementation. Both have been invited to the next meeting to share information and to become members of the team.

Cascade Upgrade from version 6.7.6. to 6.10.4

  • Terri has taking over the duties of Cascade Administrator and is the contact for managers.
  • Cascade Server version 6.10 is a major Cascade release that contains new features, bug fixes, and improvements. For more details, please visit:
  • Terri and Matt will investigate the scope of changes. Sandi will plan to install the upgrade to the development server.

Master Calendar replacement with Localist.
Public Affairs, Creative Services and Student Affairs have been researching calendaring solutions to replace the Master Calendar. Localist has been selected, funding is being secured and legal will be reviewing the contract for this hosted solution. Localist is a comprehensive calendaring system that transforms static events calendars into interactive social hubs on the social media platforms students are already using. It is the only calendaring system that provides full integration with Facebook, Twitter and other emerging social media networks, creates dynamic content for newsletters, presents event and location data by popularity, offers single-step event creation, provides customizable content filters and tracks social behavior patterns. A mobile-optimized version is available for iPhone and other mobile devices. The interface is fully customizable for the look and feel, functionality and overall grid to allow integration of University Brand as well as the users’ landing page. Administration includes a variety of levels of authority to manage data, group formation and trusted users. All users are able to create events (Clemson ID not required) and sync to personal calendars. It is expected this could be a solution for the Extension Offices as well.

Major Site in Production with launch in January.
This summer, Glen Southergill worked with us again, conducting research on this proposed site. Results are being incorporated into the project as Crystal works with college communicators to develop the content for the undergraduate degree program pages. Matt will be working with Andy to evaluate the system and determine if graduate would benefit from being in the same system.

Working with Glen has helped to improve the Prospective Student and Admissions gateway pages. This week, Robert Barkley received a Congratulations from Enrollment Power Index® — a program funded by the National Research Center for College and University Admissions™. Clemson University received an A. Only 99 schools received such a high grade, and that puts Clemson University in the top 3% of all college websites. Read more.

Updates from Members:

  • Carmen Bradley shared information on the mobile web initiative. A team from CCIT, Creative Services and Student Affairs are evaluating current frameworks and determining if one of these could be useful, or if building our own would be better. Sam Hoover is overseeing this project and we’ll learn more at the next meeting.
  • From CCIT, a reminder, the payment server URL has changed and a permanent solution has been created for users. Contact Carmen Bradley ( or Jamie Brown ( for the code.
  • Andy Macdonald is the in process of evaluating the existing graduate school website, and determine priorities, allocations of resources and plans the next 6 months.
  • PSA Web Team is struggling with expanding social media presence of their departments and extension offices. They are in the process of determining what the extent of their involvement should be, and limit of providing resources and developing guidelines.
  • Gallery is up and running. Peter continues to maintain and updates it as needed. New content has been added recently.
  • Tanner Stokes, in Student Affairs, is working on developing additional modules for the Student gateway page as we continue to make this page more customizable for users. The graduate school is also invited to provide suggestions for modules targeting graduate students, along with college specific modules that could be filtered for users.
  • Faculty Profiles Update: Matt had been working with Brian Cass on this project along with CCIT and Institutional Research to develop a University-wide, branded, standardized solution.