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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2009

Alumni Center Conference Room at 10 a.m.

18 members attended.

Cascade upgrade to 6.2 was installed on the server with a copy of the production database as of June 11 under it. OWS has tested this upgrade and is pulling the PSA database as of Sept. 20 under it by tomorrow. This version worked well “out of the box,” as most changes are in function rather than structure. Change Management request to update the Production versions of Cascade is expected sometime in October. We also discussed changing the color scheme of the OWS production version from Blue to Orange to help distinguish the OWS production instance from the PSA and Development instances.
This version features several changes for RUOs.

Visual Guidelines: Dave Sharpe has created a site at with information and downloads available for the new brand, colors and wordmarks. Attached is a PDF of the article appearing in the current issue of Clemson World ( Everyone’s diligence to enforcing these standards will really improve quality and recognition of the Clemson brand.

We have a video and Social Media pages in production at this time to list all departmental accounts for such pages. Jacob Barker is setting up a process for gathering content for YouTube. He’s the point person to contact ( Jacob will be coordinating the known channels and working with PSA and the Graduate School to gather content. He will also be working with OWS to develop the Social Media page, to include guidelines and iTunes U information. Dave S has been involved with branding iTunes U content and will be working with Jacob. Alumni Club presidents have also been expressing an interest in promoting Club FaceBook pages.

Other updates from members:

    CCIT is working on replacement server for the database. Clustering software is not fully functional at this time so a “hot spare” is the best solution. Automatic accounts are no longer being offered on Clemix. Accounts must be requested through TigerTracks. The newly updated “” is available for requesting Web services. These requests automatically go through TigerTracks. OWS has created a form for users to request redirects for their sites. This request form will also be connected to TigerTracks. (see:

    CCIT continues to upgrade servers. Workgroup Web sites will be migrated to new server space soon. E-mail notification to come with more details on the timing of this move.

    The new internal Web design for CCIT is also to be developed.

    Security on the Cascade server remains an issue that will have to be resolved very soon. The URL to log in will stay the same, but the server will need to be changed to encrypt packets coming in and going out. While this is not an efficient way, there is no other way at this time to secure the data. Matt is placing a request to Hannon Hill to develop an encrypted log in.

    PSA might be back in the e-commerce business again, as outside services are no longer available. The product they had worked on last year is being revisited. Carmen reminded us all that CCIT has only one state approved credit card processor. PayPal is not an option on Clemson sites. Because of the large number of request for services, credit card processing requests will take some time to be completed.

    CES has two more departments that have moved into Cascade. Gary is working on developing the new template design for other departments outside of Cascade. Matt offered to share the template shell OWS has available. Graduate School, PSA and CES have requested the shell.

    Story ideas for the banners of the gateway pages should be submitted to Crystal Boyles (

    Student Affairs reported almost half of their sites have been migrated to the new templates. Training for the new templates has not been scheduled University-wide but is being done as needed for managers and publishers. Please contact Terri Vaughan ( for assistance.

    Graduate School report they are in the process of redesigning their site.

    We’d like to schedule next month’s meeting, for Monday, Oct. 19.
    The meeting will be held in the Alumni Conference Room beginning at 10 a.m.