Creative Services

Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2010
Alumni Center Conference Room at 10 a.m.
15 members attended

1. Cascase 6.7.3 Upgrade to the Development Server: Upgrade is scheduled for this week. Testing to begin October 25. Pending a positive testing, we’d like to go to production November 12. Because of budget concerns, training materials and ongoing discussions, the PSA Cascade is not expected to be upgraded at this time. This is a major upgrade for us, from the 6.4 version.

new homepageNew features include the addition of recycle bin and faster publishing queue. For more information visit: Hannon Hill.

2. Update to the University Homepage scheduled for January 2011.

These changes reflect results of usability testing conducted this summer. Header will incorporate search for not only websites but the phonebook and calendar. Site Index search on page main body of page, background campus photographs, drop down section from the audience bar to allow for quick navigation to most visited pages, drop down section to allow for Determined Spirit stories, past features, photos of the week, expandable boxes for headlines and events, reduced real estate for social media links, allows for expansion of additional gateways in production.

Additional Gateway pages in production:

    • Arts — working with Jeannie Davis.
    • Corporations — working with Ann Marie Alexander.
    • Sustainability — working with Ann Jenkins.

3. Guidelines sites are being reviewed, in the meantime, please bookmark these sites:

    Updates from Members:

    Alumni website is getting a structural makeover. New navigation on subpages will be introduced, a new online events registration system is being developed and an internal Dashboard is in development with graphics and concept of the "Tracking Tigers" section of the Alumni Annual Report are to be used.

    The new Giving site was launched August 26 at to support the goals of The Will to Lead campaign. Paw Pics is also online with photos taken in the photo booth.

    Webmaster Requests: Visit to make requests for services instead of e-mailing individuals directly. This is the preferred method of requesting services rather than ITHELP for bug reports, modification of access, MySQL requests, website creation and redirects.

    CCIT launched this fall.

    CCIT is undergoing some shift of personnel and duties. Carmen will still be the contact person for clients needing database-related forms and collection of funds. She will continue to work with clients on Web-related projects.

    CCIT reminds everyone moving from older servers into other systems to be sure to remove all files. If they are not webpages being migrated to Cascade or other application, they need to be moved to the media server. Leaving them up makes it nearly impossible to address them correctly. Old orphaned pages are still indexed by search engines and needless back ups are made of outdated material. Please delete old sites completely once new sites are launched.

    The Graduate School is investigating a new vendor to handle online applications and is also redesigning the Graduate School website, with expected launch date of mid-December 2010. Graduate portal pages links are not expected to change. The Graduate School still conducts an annual review of graduate program websites to ensure general quality and SAC requirements.

    CAAH recently launched a new website and several departments using the current University brand templates. More departmental sites are in production now.

    CAFLS websites are being redone to incorporate changes in structure, name changes and departmental needs. With these changes being made, this is a good time for the sites to transition from the PSA Cascade instance.

    CBBS is methodically moving departmental sites to the University branded templates and removing sites from the server. Management and Army ROTC are in production now. The Spiro Center launched last week.

    CES Web server will be removed from service by the end of 2010. Sites and materials on the server are being migrated to other locations.

    Terri Vaughan is now working with Student Affairs to fill the RUO role left vacant when Teresa Morgan left.

    Communications Center is working on incorporating closed captioning to videos currently on the server. They, too, have lost 75 percent of their staff and are having to reduce services. How hour-long videos will be captioned, and how that will be paid for, has not been determined. CCIT is working with them to stream video for graduation and convocation, along with additional streaming of events as needed.

    Creative Services is no longer offering generic Cascade training to groups. One-on-one training with users working within their own pages has proven to be the most beneficial and effective means of training.

    Webcams have really taken off in popularity with visitors to the site. Currently there are 16 cameras feeding images. A Foundation account has been created to allow for donations to support the cost of maintain existing hardware and to provide information to those interested in sponsoring a camera.

    Blog farm launched in the spring is working well. A features blog was created to allow users to enter feature stories and images to gateway pages, making it possible for pages to be updated outside of Cascade.

    Subcalendars have been introduced to the master calendar making it possible for departments to enter all their internals and public events to a calendar that can feed to their site and easily incorporate public events to the master calendar. New subcalendars being discussed include one for the Graduate School and the new Sustainability gateway.

    Our next meeting is scheduled for at 10 a.m. November 15, 2010, in the Alumni Center Conference Room. If you have any agenda items or corrections to these minutes, please e-mail Carol at