Creative Services

Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2010

Alumni Center Conference Room at 10:00 a.m.

14 members attending

Cascade Upgrade to the Development Server completed last weekend.  

The most notable changes include the addition of a Recycle Bin for deleted pages/folders, move/copy enhancements, unsaved edit warnings, upgraded WYSIWYG editor, AJAX publisher queue (with speed enhancements) and much more.

Matt pulled the screen to show new Move/Rename tab, and reminded user to be sure to “unpublish” before making any changes.

Sandi asked the recycle bin be set to a specific limit to ensure this is automatically cleaned out. Cascade now has a 15 day limit on deleted items has set.

HEHD asked for a new style to be created allowing for captions under photos. Matt had built this with the “alt tag” serving as the caption when the class “hascaption” is used. Alignment, box, shading and padding styles are included. This feature works with blogs and other sites outside of Cascade using university style sheets. This style could also be migrated to the Newsroom.

Update to the University Homepage, scheduled for January 2011 launch.

  • Drop-down drawer of most commonly used links, background image on page and searchable Site index just a few of the enhancements being included.

AtWatch Scan

  • AtWatch scanning 10,000 links on our site weekly, generating a report of broken links and missing images. Information is being sent if necessary to those maintaining the site.

Redirect Project

  • Working with CCIT to develop a more streamline process for requesting, creating and maintaining redirects.

Master Calendar

  • CCIT is working with the Brooks Center for Performing Arts in January to bridge calendar with the Master Calendar and m.Clemson app.
  • Question asked why CES was not using this calendar and feed to site.

Graduate School Update

  • Graduate School site due to launch next month.

Updates from Members:

  • Tim Whims asked if these meetings could streamed, or use Adobe Connect.
  • Five departments on campus wanted to collect fund through Facebook. There is, however, a 5% fee and there is not enough data is gathered to meet university needs. The Botanical Garden wanted a donation page on Facebook. Tenniel Moody is working with Jacob Barker to develop form for this sort of service that allows for easy access with prefilled suggested amounts and the fund name. Limits users choices, they can’t make any additional purchases, but they do not have to log in to make a gift.
  • CCIT service offerings are being consolidated and under discussion. More details to come.
  • The Library continues to migrate pages, and has dropped 49% of their site. The old server is being turned off by the end of the year. A new publications employee is expected to be coming in 2011.
  • CCIT has a new payment server going online.
  • Jamie Brown reported m.Clemson working with Blackboard to develop mobile apps. Works with Apple devices and Blackberries. Working making it available to Droids. Quick way to access athletics, maps, events, videos, news and safety information. Addition content being planned: course schedules, phonebook, lab finder for open computers in labs. CCIT is hosting a contest for icons for these new items. Winner will receive an iPad. Closed 11-14 with winner announced at the Carolina game. CCIT is taking request for other apps like CAT bus schedule.
  • PSA met with CAFLS staff about whether to remain in Cascade. It was decided to fund Cascade for at least another year. PSA will upgrade their server to match the university instance. This will be done in the spring, when new training materials can be developed.
  • Alumni is working with EM2 for the new look and organization of content. The new events calendar has worked very well. Highly used calendar, subscription to events, headlines and newsletter will all help support new alumni app being developed.
  • CCIT reported the old database server BARK would be migrated to MySQL5 over the Christmas break. The URL will not change however, and all credentials remain the same. No new BARK fills will be allowed at this time.
  • Question asked who was in charge of the Google Search appliance on campus, how are tickets being handled?