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Web Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2007
2 p.m.
Alumni Conference Room

Attendees: Carol Usher, Matt Bundrick, Dave Sharpe, Terri Vaughan, Carrie DuPre, Meghan Boyles, Jamie Brown, John Gouch, Tenneil Moody, Walker Massey, Gordan Cochran, Elizabeth Anderson, Gary Malstrom, Rose Ellen Davis-Gross, Teresa Morgan, Chris Jones, Sandy Woodward, Peter Togel, Tammy Vaught, Anne McKenzie, Patrick McGee, Bruce Raffert, Al Littlejohn, Sonny Gray, Suzie Meaders


1.    Usability Testing: Tharon Howard was unable to attend. Carol reported that his graduate students are preparing for site testing beginning spring semester. Email OWS or bring questions you want the students to ask in their testing to the next WLT meeting.

2.    Shift in OWS Priorities: New organization, some additional content and updating to Prospective Students, Current Students, Prospective Faculty, Corporate Partners, Visitors, About Clemson, Academics, Administration, Center & Institutes and Research gateway pages. Pages will be uploaded to live server during semester break. Students received Inside NOW email notification, and a link with information was added to the Current Students page December 13, 2007.

3.    Site Changes: “University Links” drop-down menu will be removed from the University templates during the semester break. Notification was sent to the Cascade listserv December 13, 2007.

4.    Update on Video Guidelines: Al Littlejohn reported that a video committee is reviewing policies and will present a draft at the next WLT meeting. The draft will address compliance (including captioning policy), standards, archiving, quality and a style guide for videos in a format similar to the Web style guide.

5.    CCIT update on Cascade Login: Jamie Brown reported on the new login. When a user who is associated with multiple sites logs in, he/she will be asked which site he/she wants to enter.

Next Meeting

January 28
Location TBD
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