Parking Services

Parking Review Board

Clemson University’s parking regulations provide for the administrative review of parking citation appeals.

Section 27-3005.4 of the parking regulations provides for the appointment, by the President of Clemson University, of such boards and committees as deemed necessary to assist in the administration of the rules and regulations.

Section 27-3005.3 states that the President may establish one or more Parking Review Boards to hear appeals of parking citations. A schedule of locations, procedures and board meeting times and dates shall be available during business hours in the offices of Student Government, Parking Services, and the Police Department.

Two (2) Parking Appeal Hearing Officers will comprise the first level of appeal for all University parking tickets.  One (1) Hearing Officer will be a representative from Parking and Transportation Services who is appointed by the Director, and one (1) representative will be from the Municipal Court appointed by Clemson University's Municipal Judge.

The Parking Review Board will constitute the second level of appeal for University parking tickets issued to faculty, staff and students.  The Board will be made up of four (4) individual boards with ten (10) members each. The membership will be selected in the following manner: each college will elect two faculty members for a three-year rotating term, with the Faculty Senate selecting an alternate; the Library will elect one member and one alternate; Classified Staff Senate will elect eight classified staff members and three alternates on a three-year rotating term basis; the Attorney General of the Student Body will select sixteen undergraduate students and six alternates; and the President of the Graduate Student Government will select eight graduate students and three alternates for one-year terms.

Any person desiring to appeal the decision of the Parking Review Board must petition the Parking Review Judicial Officer within five (5) calendar days of the decision of the Board. The petition must clearly and concisely state the ground(s) for appeal. The Parking Review Judicial Officer may summarily decline to entertain any such appeal.  Contact the Municipal Court at 864-656-5258 for further instructions on the final level of appeal.

Click here for information regarding employee or student appeals.

Click here for information regarding visitor appeals.

For more information, or if you are interested in serving on the Parking Review Board, please contact the office of the Parking Review Judicial Officer at 864-656-5258