Parking Services

Visitor Citation Appeals

A visitor is any person other than a student, co-op student, exchange student, employee, construction employee, contract employee or vendor who parks a motor vehicle on the campus of Clemson University. If a visitor's vehicle is cited for FAILURE TO DISPLAY A CURRENT PERMIT, the first citation may be excused provided the citation is returned to the Parking Review Judicial Officer in the envelope provided with the citation within fifteen (15) calendar days of the issue date of the citation. The visitor must fill out the information requested on the envelope. VISITORS OPERATING A VEHICLE OWNED, REGISTERED TO, OR REGULARLY DRIVEN BY A STUDENT OR EMPLOYEE MUST APPEAR AT PARKING AND TRANSPORTATION SERVICES AND COMPLETE A WRITTEN APPEAL FORM.

Visitors are responsible for other violations such as overtime parking, parking in areas other than a marked space such as fire lanes, grassy areas or obstructing traffic. To avoid further citations, visitors should obtain a Guest Parking Permit and a copy of the University's Parking Regulations online or from Parking and Transportation Services during business hours. After hours and on weekends permits are available online or from the University Police Department located at the west end of the football stadium.

Please contact Parking and Transportation Services directly with any questions regarding the appeal procedures. Our number is 864-656-2270.