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Low Emission Vehicle

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Employee preferred parking for low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles

Your car may already qualify. The program is not limited to just hybrid or electric vehicles, many different types of vehicles dating back to the 2000 model year are considered low-emission. 

How to know if your car qualifies?On the website below, use the search tab titled "Find a Vehicle.” Use the complete list of SmartWay vehicles by model year to see if your car qualifies. Only cars that meet  these standards can receive a permit. For a tutorial on determining the eligibility of a vehicle, please click here.

How to get a permit if you qualify:
Complete your application at the Parking and Transportation Services office located at G-01 University Union after you have determined your car meets the standards. Applicants will need to know the engine size of their vehicle (4cyl., 6cyl., or 8cyl) and type of transmission (automatic/manual) to complete the application. Once the application is completed, it must be approved by Parking and Transportation Services staff which may take up to 2 business days. After approval, you will be contacted when your permit is ready to be picked up.

The program is only open to faculty and staff who are current permit holders. The cost of the LEV permit will be the same as a normal employee parking permit. The normal $6 fee to exchange a parking permit will apply to initially enroll in the LEV program. You may also download and fill out the application to be brought into the Parking and Transportation Services office with your vehicle registration. All documents must be brought in; emailed materials will not be accepted.

Click Here to Download the LEV/EV Application

Participants in the LEV program are entitled to 5 one day courtesy permits each semester if another vehicle is driven to campus.  

Reserved Space Location:

  • Administrative Services Building (E-8) - 2 space
  • Clemson House - 2 spaces
  • East side of Cooper Library (E-15) - 4 spaces
  • Fike - Main Lot (E-5) - 3 spaces
  • Fike - Side Lot (E-14) - 2 spaces
  • Jersey Road - 2 spaces
  • Hendrix Student Center (E-1) - 8 spaces
  • Lee Hall (E-3) - 1 space
  • McMillan Road - 4 spaces
  • Ravennel Center - 1 space
  • Riggs Hall - 2 spaces
  • Sikes Hall (E-6) - 23 spaces
  • Sirrine Hall (E-4) - 8 spaces
  • Union Drive - 4 spaces
  • Old Gravel Lot (E-21) - 4 spaces

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