Parking Services

New Ride-Sharing Program


Parking and Transportation Services has now partnered with RidePost to launch a more cost effective, social network for ride-sharing that has the potential to provide us with added features and analytical options that will help to quantify how many cars and emissions we are reducing on campus.

RidePost is a web-based interface using a private network that empowers Clemson University students, faculty and staff to create a safe and social way to find rides with other verified Clemson members with similar commuting patterns by finding friends to share commutes to campus or even one-time rides (such as going home for breaks, making trips to the airport, sporting, events, concerts or to visit friends and family in other cities). RidePost helps you fill empty seats in your car while saving you money!

Clemson University is one of a growing number of Universities to use RidePost and it is now another “Commuter Choice” option offered for everyone to help us to support the sustainability goals of our University by minimizing the number of vehicles on campus and reducing congestion and emissions while alleviating the daily demand for parking on campus. This new alternative transportation initiative is a fun, easy and sustainable way for everyone to collectively make a difference and to provide substantial cost savings to commuters. For more information about Clemson’s new ridesharing program CLICK HERE