Parking Services

Permit Parking



Additional Descriptions

Employee Parking

Spaces are marked in green .

Employee spaces with a "24 HR" pavement marking are reserved for employee parking at all times.


Park-N-Ride Lots

" P " prefix lots

Park-N-Ride Lots are available for parking during the day by all permit holders.

Parking is prohibited between 2 AM and 4 AM in most of these parking lots.

"Park-n-ride" permits restrict parking to these lots and may not be used with the Official Use Only" placard to park in other campus zones.

Restricted-Use Parking Areas

Spaces are marked in yellow .

Areas are controlled with one or more signs posted at each area.


Short-Term Parking

The time limit is marked on the pavement, posted on a sign, or the pavement marking reads "TIMED"; and the space is controlled by a parking meter.

Spaces controlled by parking meters may have one time limit for business days and hours (Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–4:30 p.m.) and a different limit for non-business times. The maximum time limit schedule is posted on each meter.

Student Parking Areas

Spaces are marked as the following:

  • Orange spaces (for commuters)
  • Magenta spaces (for Clemson House, Calhoun Court, Thornhill Village and Lightsey residents)
  • White with a sign at the entrance(s) indicating " R - Resident Student " parking (for resident students).


Vendors, Contractors and Service Vehicle Parking

Spaces marked in red and a " SER VEH " pavement marking, in employee, student or visitor parking areas.

Service vehicles may also park in a loading zone while actively loading or unloading.

Departmental vehicles not used primarily to effect repairs and/or maintain campus buildings and facilities do not qualify as service vehicles. Departmental vehicles should park in employee parking zones.

Visitor Parking

Spaces are marked with a " VISITOR " pavement marking.

Short-term visitor spaces are controlled by sign indicating the maximum time limit or by parking meter. The maximum time limit schedule is posted on each meter.

Students and employees are prohibited from parking in visitor spaces between 7 a.m.– 9 p.m.