Parking Services

Parking Permits

Everyone (excluding visitors who park in metered spaces) must obtain and display a permit to park anywhere on campus at any time. Short-term and temporary permits are available for those with short-term business on campus or for students who must switch out cars for any reason (e.g., using their parents’ car). A parking permit must be displayed by students that come to campus after hours or on weekends.

Parking is permitted only in areas marked or signed as parking spaces and zoned appropriately for the permit being displayed. Vehicles parked on campus without a permit (excluding visitors who park in metered spaces), or parked in an area where the permit is not valid are subject to being cited for the violation and may be towed and impounded. This includes motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters.


Notice to Users of Disability Access Parking Permits:

Anyone who displays a state-issued disability parking permit in order to park on the campus of Clemson University is required to register the permit with the Parking Services office prior to use on campus.  Students, faculty, staff and vendors are required to purchase and display a campus parking permit, even when displaying a disability access parking permit.  The request to register the state-issued permits prior to use is expected to reduce the incident of unauthorized use, thereby increasing access to disability access parking space by legitimate users.  Please contact the office in person, by phone at 656-2270 or email us at to register your ADA permit.


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