Parking Services

Permit Rates


Annual parking permits for students are $148.00/year. Fall Semester permits are available to students who do not need to park on campus in the spring. If you will be on campus all year, it is more economical to purchase the annual permit.

Student permit fees are prorated the 16th of each month.  If you order online after September 16th, select the Annual Permit and you will be charged the current selling price.  

The After 4:30 permit is $74.00/year and is available to graduate students only .  The After 4:30 permit is only valid for parking on campus after 4:30 p.m.  If you need to park at anytime prior to 4:30 p.m., you will need to purchase the commuter permit.

Motorcycle and Moped permits are $27.00/year.

Faculty/Staff parking permits are based according to salary. The rates are as follows:

  • Up to $30,000.00 - $24.00/year
  • $30,000.01 - $50,000.00 - $83.00/year
  • $50,000.01 - $70,000.00 - $129.00/year
  • $70,000.01 - $90,000.00 - $165.00/year
  • $90,000.01 and over - $200.00/year

Vendor parking permits are $148.00/year.