Parking Services

Obtaining a Student Parking Permit


There are several new programs for students that provide more affordable and convenient transportation choices such as:

Enterprise CarShare - Car rental solution with gas and insurance covered as well as preferred parking spots on campus

RidePost -  Private social network for ride-sharing to help find students with similar commutes and one time rides home for academic breaks

Carpooling - Incentives including discounted and convenient parking locations for groups of 2 or more people


Please click here to purchase your permit for 2013-2014.  


Carpool permits information can be found here. If you are interested in joining our carpool program, please review the required documents come by our office to apply.


Notice to Users of Disability Access Parking Permits:

Anyone who displays a state-issued disability parking permit in order to park on the campus of Clemson University is required to register the permit with the Parking Services office prior to use on campus. Students, faculty, staff and vendors are required to purchase and display a campus parking permit, even when displaying a disability access parking permit.  The request to register the state-issued permits prior to use is expected to reduce the incident of unauthorized use, thereby increasing access to disability access parking space by legitimate users. Please contact the office in person, by phone at 864-656-2270 or email us at to register your ADA permit.