Student Disability Services

Elbert S. Chapman

SC Living Magazine, a monthly publication that reaches more than 467,000 homes and businesses, recently ran a feature story on non-traditional college students. Student Disability Services (SDS) was pleased to see Elbert S. Chapman among the students featured in the piece. Chapman, who anticipates graduating in May 2013, has accessed services through SDS while working toward his degree. His words follow with a link to the SC Living Magazine online:

"My return to Clemson in 2010 was made easier and more possible by Student Disability Services (SDS).  Everyone there made me feel at home, comfortable, and special. I was an elderly student returning to Clemson University after a lifetime in the business world of construction. Hearing loss and cataracts added to the slowness of age for this 76 year old native of South Carolina.

Elbert S. Chapman   SDS provided Academic Accommodation Letters for me each semester based on my documented needs. The letters gave me access to additional time on test and the use of recording devices. These letters were used to introduce myself to each professor at the beginning of the semester as well.  SDS also provided book scanning services, which were very helpful in some courses.

Thanks to the Director and staff for all your help. Your work made the dream of graduating from Clemson University come true for me. Many thanks to all others who counseled, befriended, and encouraged me along the way.

Clemson has always been a part of my life. As a teenager I had 4H Club projects sponsored by the County Agricultural Office. We were bused to football games and sat on the end zone grass."

Thanks again,
Elbert S. Chapman