Student Disability Services

Readmission guidelines

How to apply for readmission following academic suspension/dismissal or medical withdrawal

If you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Clemson but are not enrolled in the current term, you are classified as a former student. You need to submit an application to the Registrar’s Office for readmission. Application and procedures for re-enrollment of former undergraduate or graduate students can be found at:

How to reinstate Student Disability Services (SDS) accommodations

  • Upon receiving your re-entrance acceptance letter and registration materials from the Registrar’s Office, contact SDS. An appointment with a disability specialist is needed to reinstate SDS accommodations.
  • Depending on the diagnosed disability and/or reason for withdrawal you might need to provide SDS with updated documentation.
  • If requesting University housing accommodations, be sure to complete the University housing online application prior to completing the SDS housing form. The University housing form can be found at: