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About the Community Educators

The Community Educators is a student organization that works closely with the Office of Community and Ethical Standards to provide educational programming to the Clemson community on University polices and the affects of negative behaviors on others. Community Educators have two goals. First, they work with other students who are going through the university student conduct process to answer questions, provide information, and serve as a referral resource. Second, Community Educators help friends, coworkers, classmates and community members know more about the expectations, standards, and core values of the Clemson community.

What do I do as an Educator?

Community Educators can get involved in anything! This group has created educational programs on specific topics, they help other student organizations with informational programs, they have performed service oriented activities for the community, and this organization has planned themed social gatherings, most notably their "A Taste of Clemson" program that helped to form bonds between Clemson students and local law enforcement.

However, we also have a need for students who have leadership skills or would like to develop their leadership skills. We have a need for students who are creative and can assist with making flyers or promoting our events. We have a need for students who want to get involved with something unique. We have a need for students who are interested in doing something positive for the Clemson community and we have a need for students who want to make a difference.

How do I get Involved?

Getting involved with the Community Educators is very easy. We meet every Thursday during the semester on the 7th Floor of the Union at 6:00pm. Come out to one of our meetings and see firsthand some of the great things we are trying to do for Clemson. You don't need any experience and we do not have any dues. Your willingness to work is all that is required to be a member. You can also contact the advisor, Justin Carter, Associate Director of Community and Ethical Standards at (864) 656-0510.

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