Student Post Office

Forwarding Mail

Student Mail Services offers two types of mail forwarding, "Temporary" and "Permanent"

"Temporary" forwarding is used when you, the mailbox occupant with a current and active mailbox, will be away from campus for a semester, the summer, or a combination of the two. Fall CO-OP students must renew the mailbox for the entire academic year in order to receive temporary forwarding of mail and retain the same address upon return to school. The minimum forwarding time that the Student Post Office can accommodate is 30 days. This means that during the winter break and during the break between the spring semester and the summer session, there is no forwarding available because the timeframe is too short.

"Permanent" forwarding is used when you, the mailbox occupant, will no longer be using a mailbox at the Student Post Office due to graduation, living off-campus, or are on CO-OP and do not want to rent the mailbox while gone. This type of forwarding is provided for three (3) months only. This provides enough time for you to get settled at your new address and to notify any correspondents of your new address.

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